Dye Designs has established a worldwide reputation for unique, environmentally sensitive, ecological, championship, resort and public golf courses. Dye Designs believes that Dye courses can produce better golfers, while providing local employment and valued recreation for all those who play them.


It is a field of practice with a novel concept where golf and fun merge.

Driving Range was born in Guatemala and will now expand to Panama, where, being inside a golf course, unlike its predecessor that is located in a commercial center; will have two main divisions, one dedicated purely to golf instruction and practice, which will be the Tucan Country Club and Resort academy; and the other entertainment, where everyone can enjoy an excellent atmosphere, food and drinks and introduction to the sport.

Driving Range is the ideal place to share and enjoy pleasant moments with friends, family, or arrange a relaxed meeting of work or business in an original way, without barriers of age, gender or physical condition.

We believe that golf is for everyone, no matter if you are a pro passionate or if you just want to relax and have fun alone or with friends, in Driving Range there are no memberships to pay or registration fees.

New Golf Course

Tucan Country Club and Resort is currently undergoing a transformation, where the overall concept of the project has been rethought and part of it is the need to bring our golf course to a world renowned level with the Dye brand.

This is because we want to offer our golfers a better gaming experience with new challenges and our non-golfer residents, the beauty of a Dye golf course, which, along with the brand, gives a greater value to properties.

Currently we are in the first stage that consists of the development and construction of Top Tee Panama, which will offer a new experience for both golfers and non-golfers. Once this concept is ready, we will give you details of the design of the new golf course.