Its main activity was retail business oriented to the tourist, sale of oriental products, perfumery, furniture, tablecloth, ornaments and many more products.

Over time, they incorporate other product lines into the business such as electronic audio equipment, cameras and others.

Then, in the 80’s, Mr. Sagar Vishindas and his brother, envision the business opportunity, and enter the Colon Free Zone, creating new companies, traveling to the East, contacted new suppliers from Japan, China, India and others.

Since diversification and new opportunities came, Mr. Sagar visualized that the construction of Galeras in the Free Zone was a business and participated in it.

Subsequently, he developed his interest in Real Estate, especially in reverted property of the City of Colón, which expanded to Panama City, where the Summit and HOROKO golf courses are acquired; in addition to the YMCA buildings in the Balboa and Colon area.

For the year 2000, the group is divided, and Mr. Sagar retires from the activities of selling electronics and Free Zone and promotes the construction of homes, mainly in Colón, where to date there are more than 4,500 units built and sold.

Logo Tucan Country Club and Resort
The acquisition of the HOROKO golf course acronym for Howard, Rodman and Kobbe; military bases that surrounded the court was agreed.

The land, which covers 74 hectares, became a residential and tourist project, which would maintain the golf course and develop a hotel.

Surrounded by forests and located a few minutes from the center of the capital city, after the Bridge of the Americas, its privileged location offers a peaceful and impressive view of the Panama Canal and the City.

Tucán Country Club and Resort has different residential offerings ranging from 1-bedroom apartments to 4/5-bedroom villas, through different options that fit the needs of our guests.

The residential is a gated community, completely fenced, whose access is controlled by security personnel to guarantee the exclusive entrance to residents, members and guests.